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House Wrap, Water Barrier, Moisture Barrier

Denny Weather Guard

house wrap, air and moisture barrier Weather Guard is available in these sizes:

  • 9'x100' (78 Rolls / Pallet)
  • 9'x150'(55 Rolls / Pallet)
  • 9'x195' (40 Rolls / Pallet)
  • 10'x100' (78 Rolls / Pallet)
  • 10'x150'(55 Rolls / Pallet)
  • 10'x195'(40 Rolls / Pallet)

House Wrap Products

Energy Wrap, Water Barrier, Moisture Barrier Denny Wholesale manufactures and distributes these house wrap products:

  • Denny Energy Wrap
    (Brochure to the left)
  • Denny Builders Wrap
  • Denny Weather Guard

Denny Wholesale's house wrap out performs Tyvek® House Wrap at a much lower cost! See why our house wrap is a premium weather barrier sold at value prices

Trim Coil, Match Your Siding, Window Match

Match Your Siding

trim coil, match your siding Denny Trim Coil goes where siding cannot go: window trim, fascia and posts. Check with us to see if we can match your siding, shutter or window manufacturer!
Denny Trim Coil Meets Your Trim Needs.
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Specs & Delivery Time

pvc trim coil, match your siding Dimensions:
24" x 50' (.019)
Available in smooth (polyester) or PVC (Striated) finish.
Please Allow 7 to 10 days to ship.
Please make sure that your match your color and manufacturer.
Our product lead time is necessary when matching so many different colors at a competitive price
All coil sales are final.

Radiant Barrier, Denny Foil

Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier, Denny Foil Our toxin free radiant barrier is an ideal component of green buildings, energy efficient homes and is an excellent low profile insulation. Denny Foil Radiant Barrier is your quickest way to energy savings!.
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How Denny Foil Works

Denny Foil is aluminum foil mounted to a kraft paper backing that blocks infrared heat. In an attic installation, heat is relfected away from the attic airspace resulting in lower temperatures and reduced cooling costs. Additionally, denny foil can reflect heat back into a house during the winter and lower winter heating costs. Denny foil can also acheive the same results in a wall installation.

Flashing Tape, House Wrap Tape, Seam Tape

Seal your structure!

Flashing Tape, House Wrap Tape, Seam Tape
Denny sells a variety of construction tapes such as:

  • window and door flashing
  • house wrap seam tape
  • foil tape

Shadowlastic Flashing

Flashing Tape Shadowlastic is a window and door flashing.
Applications include:
Window and door installations
Corner Board Abutments
Sidewall sheathing seams
Deck-to-wall Joints