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Low profile Reflective Insulation

Denny Foil saves money Denny Foil guarantees builders and homeowners the most effective insulation without bulk. Denny Foil is a perfect low cost means of providing reflective insulation for temperature control. Denny Foil's aluminum surface prevents the transfer of heat from one source to another. Denny Foil prevents heat transfer into an attic on a hot summer day, and can reflect heat back inside a house on a cold winter day. Denny Foil functions a vapor barrier, preventing the transfer of moisture. Denny Foil is clean, light, and easy to install.

Denny Foil options Denny Foil is available in two types, Breather type (which is ideal for attic installation) and Vapor Barrier type (ideal for wall installations, or where needed to block moisture). Denny Foil options included single or double sides, various square footage and kraft paper weight. Choose your Denny Foil Product.

Denny Foil as VOC barrier

Denny Foil - Vapor Barrier Type

The vapor barrier type of Denny Foil is a natural barrier against water as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are emitted as gasses from solids or liquids, chemicals which may have short and long term adverse health effects. Sources include paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, etc. Customers purchase Denny Foil and face the foil towards the VOC source in order to mitigate the impact of VOCs. This is a great secondary use of a product that is primarily a radiant & vapor barrier.

Denny Foil - Non Toxic Design

Denny Foil is pure aluminum foil glue mounted to super strength Kraft, available with foil on one or 2 sides. Denny Foil Breather Type is perforated, allowing installations to "breathe"; letting harmful moisture to escape from sidewalls and eliminate condensation. Denny Foil Vapor Barrier Type blocks moisture from entering an interior wall, as well as any emissions from VOCs. Denny Foil uses a non toxic adhesive that is suitable for chemically sensitive people.

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