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For more than sixty years, Denny Wholesale has supplied building materials to builders and supply yards across America. Denny Wholesale was founded by Nathan Denenberg who invented a product called "dennyfoil". Since then, Denny has been a leader in selling and manufacturing products for the wholesale building distributor markets across the United States. Following the success of Denny Foil, we have manufactured or distributed new products such as Denny Energy Wrap, Denny Trim aCoil, and Denny Optiflash.

Denny sells to a network over 1,000 distributors who sell to builders, wholesale distributors and lumberyards. Denny's products are easily distinguished by their quality and durability and have withstood the test of time. Today Denny is taking steps to maintain it's leadership in the building supply market by always looking for the new products that meets the needs of customers. Nate Denenberg passed the company to long time employee Alan Newman, who has faithfully continued the Denny tradition of family owned excellence. Alan is proud to be joined by his sons Todd, Brett and Nick.

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