house wrap, weather guard
Denny distributes three house wrap brands: denny weather guard
  • Denny Energy Wrap (available through distributors)
  • Denny Builders Wrap (available through distributors)
  • Denny Weather Guard (available through distributors and this web site)

Denny house wrap products effectively reduce energy costs for home owners. Our House Wraps are durable woven Polyolefin designed to help reduce air infiltration. When installed on the outside of a structure over sheathing, our house wraps further reduces the loss of energy due to wind and pressure differential. By resisting air and water penetration on the outside, the interior insulation is enhanced. In addition to keeping unwanted air out, moisture vapor on the inside of your home s allowed to escape. This helps maintain the R-Values of your home and reduce the possibility of condensation building up inside your walls.

energy wrap demo, house wrap Denny house wraps are UV resistant, allowing the builder to leave it exposed to the weather for up to 10 months. The tensile strength makes our house wrap easy to apply, and less likely to tear off the exterior during windy conditions. The house wrap is strong enough to stretch around corners, yet translucent so that nails can be driven home easily; all of which makes the installation process quick and easy. Denny Wholesale is proud to offer price savings to the builder and energy savings to the home owner.

housewrap, weather guard

house wrap brochure Denny Wholesale's Weather Guard house wrap is available for purchase through our web site. Weather Guard is available in these sizes:

Custom Imprinting

Denny Wholesale offers custom imprinting; ideal for contractors or supply yards that want maximum exposure on the job site. Please contact us for more information:

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